“This is a fabulous house. You can be very proud of your efforts. Everyone who knows
anything about houses and construction is awed by the detail you have put into it….I can
say that living and working at the house is a pleasure and we hate to leave it……The
house is a source of great pride and joy."

- Owner, New Residence, Big Island of Hawaii

“I am extremely pleased with the work done. The design is what I had envisioned; it is
dramatic, capitalizing on the highly visible site; it is functional, providing for the kinds and
types of spaces I had imagined; it makes a statement, projecting the image I want to
project; and finally it is marketable, the building has been well received by potential
- Owner, New Multi-Tenant Commercial Building, Seattle

"You will find Zen to be professional, friendly, and exactly what you hire an architect for: superior design ideas and a thorough knowledge of construction”

- Owner, Addition to Residence, Seattle

“Everyone loved the house last night. Two main comments were that it ‘flowed well’...and it did...no big people backups and we served our buffet off the island...perfect; and that you did a nice job of melding the old and the new” “…..it all looks great and we are very pleased.”

- Owner, Remodel of Residence, Issaquah

“….I do consider myself qualified to comment on its livability. You did an excellent job of
capturing our lifestyle…..The house is wonderfully livable. In my view that is the true
measure of an architect’s skill.”
- Owner, New Residence, The Dalles, Oregon

“It has been a delight to work with Zen. We appreciate his intelligence, his intuition and his uncanny ability to interpret concepts into workable architectural forms and inspired details”

“The more I’m in the building, the more I appreciate it”

- Owner, New Mixed Use Building, Seattle

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